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Zantac Lawsuit

Thousands of Zantac Lawsuit claims will be filed throughout the next several years, claiming Zantac harms people with cancer. The number of lawsuits will continue to grow as a large number of people who have been diagnosed with cancer choose to pursue a lawsuit due to medical expenses associated with their diagnosis. Many of the lawsuits are being pursued by former patients who have been prescribed Zantac as a treatment for their cancer. Unfortunately, the medical companies have been extremely quick to point out that Zantac has never caused cancer in any of its patients. This company and the people who have had serious health problems as a result of their Zantac treatment stand to see a large sum of money awarded in these class action lawsuits. Thus, click for more info about the most reputable lawyers to work with.

The reason that the class action lawsuits are so successful at obtaining monetary compensation is because of the difficulty that people have in comprehending why Zantac is being sued. Many individuals are not aware that they can file a lawsuit against a medical manufacturer. It is important to note that the amount of money that an individual can collect from a manufacturer under a class action lawsuit is limited. In addition, these companies have many different ways of handling a class action suit. For instance, it would be quite difficult for a manufacturer to be able to handle a class action lawsuit without providing their employees any type of advance notice.

Most of the Zantac Lawsuit class action lawsuits are filed by former patients of Zantac drugs. These individuals are seeking monetary compensation for not only suffering from an incurable form of cancer, but also suffering from the pain associated with the disease. While it is possible for an individual to receive financial compensation for a defective product, it is also extremely difficult to receive any type of monetary compensation when a person is suffering from a condition which was caused by a pharmaceutical product. Read more info about the best and more respected lawyers to engage.

Zantac Lawsuit claims are primarily based on negligence on the part of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Zantac is being sued for negligence in that the Zantac drug marketed by them caused someone to suffer from an incurable form of cancer. Zantac is also being sued for allowing an irresponsible product to be sold to a potentially vulnerable group of individuals.

There are Zantac Lawsuit claims in the courts of Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida. Florida is the state where the Zantac Lawsuit was filed. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of a boy who was suffering from an incurable form of cancer. His parents had sought aid through Zantac Lawsuit and were owed monetary compensation when their son was diagnosed with esophageal and stomach cancer. This case is unique because it is one of only a handful of cases in which the company has been sued for selling a product with ingredients that causes cancer. Read more now about a settlement here:

It is important to note that Zantac Lawsuit is not related to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) as many people are led to believe. Zantac is suing the manufacturer of this common over-the-counter medication, which can be found in virtually any American supermarket. The main ingredient found in Zantac is trihalomethanes, or THMs, which have been linked to a number of health problems including heart attacks, premature death, liver damage, depression, and ADHD. As if that is not enough to scare anyone away from this highly popular prescription medicine, the fact that it is also the primary ingredient in popular "toxic" laundry detergent and cleaning supplies has consumers on the edge of their seats. Many people wonder what effect exposing the public to THMs will have, but until the courts decide if and when the medication can be sold, it remains a question to be answered.

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